Creating a functional yet inspiring office can be challenging but it’s an area which businesses are paying more and more attention to. As well as improving employee wellbeing and increasing productivity, using a modern office design can also reduce company costs. With numerous ways to create sleek office designs, businesses of all sizes can benefit from modernizing their workspace. In doing so, they can benefit from the changes in numerous ways, such as:

A Healthier Workforce

The health of your staff should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re designing a new office or workspace. If your employees spend most of the day behind a desk, modifying their workspace can make a vast difference to their physical and mental wellbeing. Perhaps you could provide standing desks and introduce new seating facilities to reduce the number of employees suffering work-related injuries?

Increased Productivity

Companies always aim for a high level of productivity as it means the business output is worthy of the investment. Of course, a company’s productivity is largely dependent on its staff and this means that employees should feel properly supported in the workplace.

Giving them a functional, comfortable and safe place to operate is the first step in creating an inspiring office environment. Regardless of what type of business you run, you can create offices, workshops and meeting rooms which encourage creativity and increased productivity.

Devising A Functional Environment

When you’re creating a functional office, the type of business you operate will play a vital role in the design process. How many employees will be using the space? Do you regularly invite clients into the office? Will members of the public be visiting the premises? What type of machinery or equipment needs to be present? These type of issues should all be identified before you sign off on any designs. Knowing the needs of your workspace will be crucial to creating a functional and effective environment in which your staff can operate.

Choose Reliable Materials

Choosing materials, décor and office furniture can be surprisingly complex. Whilst you’ll want to opt for an appropriate color scheme or branded décor, the reliability, safety and durability of the materials is also vitally important.

Selecting epoxy floor coatings will give you durable and long-lasting flooring options, for example, and you’ll also benefit from cost-effective and easy-to-clean floors. What’s more – epoxy floor coatings are typically high gloss, which means they can reflect light and create a bright working environment.

Similarly, choosing modular office furniture allows you to modify the workspace as and when you need to. If you hire more staff, for example, or host large AGMs, the furniture can easily be rearranged to facilitate your needs.

Ensure Your Office Is Sustainable

When you design or build your next office, it’s worth taking sustainability into account. Companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprints and increase their use of sustainable materials. Whether it’s changing the raw materials your business uses, introducing sustainably sourced office furniture or minimizing the use of plastic in the office, making the workplace greener can be beneficial for staff, employers and your bottom line.

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