5 Benefits of a Good Office Design

Besides giving meaningful work and attractive remuneration package for your employees, have you ever wondered about what else can be done to make them love coming to work?

The answer is simple. A nice working environment.

Research shows that the clothes you wear actually changes the way you perform. The same goes for our workplace since we spend nearly one third of our life working in there! While office culture plays a big role in creating a good environment, it cannot be changed over a short span of time. A more direct solution is to create an ideal working environment through office fit out.

Most business owners overlooked the merits of renewing office designs because of the associated costs and inconveniences involved to revamp the existing office space. Little do they know about the intangible returns that can overcome the inconveniences which can be easily managed by hiring qualified, experience office interior designer. Here are 5 benefits for good office design or re-design.

A modern, classic office reception to welcome corporate clients

1. Increase Team Productivity

Studies have shown that noise, light, temperature, furniture layout and quality are important factors that influence employee productivity. With your office operating for some time now, it is good to gather employees’ feedback. It is likely that you receive complaints on noise, poor lighting and unhappiness with old or uncomfortable office chair, especially if the last office fit-out was done more than 5 years ago.

2. Increase Employees’ Happiness Level

According to Aon Hewitt’s 2016 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Study, a 5 percentage point increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3 percentage point increase in revenue growth.

A stress-free and comfortable office environment delights and recharges employees. This positive effect cascades beyond boosting work output. You will see more happy employees, lower absenteeism and a reduction in employee turnover.

3. Improve Office Floor Space Efficiency

Looking at increasing workstations due to headcount expansion? Moving to a bigger office space is not the only solution. Additional spaces may be carved out from the existing premise with proper layout optimisation by the professionals.

On the other hand, you may also consider optimising your office layout to occupy a smaller footprint so that the unused space could be returned to the landlord, of course to reduce your business overhead costs

4. Update Technology in Office

There are many technology tools available to make cross boundaries collaboration and remote working faster and easier. A professional office fit out presents an opportunity for you to refresh your technology and to send signal to both your employees and your customers that your company is keeping up in the digital technology world.

5. Inspire Business Clients & Office Visitors

As the saying goes, “The first impression counts!” Office design affect the immersive branding experience for anyone entering the workplace. As you are investing in office design, it is a good chance to reinforce your organisation purpose- who you are and what you do — and build credibility on how you make a difference in the market for your business clients and visitors.

Convinced on the benefits to do a professional office fit-out? Sign up a FREE account on spaceSense.co and kick start your office design today.

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