Biggest Benefits Of Creating A Modern Workplace Environment

Upgrading the office to reflect a more modern and innovative working environment can have a multitude of benefits to a business. Improved layout, modern equipment, fresh colours and even position flexibility can all contribute to improved employee satisfaction and retention, added creativity and innovation, and even a boost to your property value.

In this post, we’ll outline some of the biggest benefits of creating a modern workplace environment for 2017 and beyond.

Impress Clients

Wood panelling and wallpaper aren’t going to help your business seal the deal on the next big project. Simply put, a modern work environment inspires confidence and offers credibility to new clients, as well as it displays a sense of dedication to state-of-the-art practices, knowledge, and innovation.

Wowing your existing clients as well as prospective newcomers is a surefire way to boost the quality and integrity of your client-base, and gives them the assurance they need to close deals faster, firming up your bottom line and allowing your company to get back to doing what it does best. Think of good, modern design is an insurance policy for impressing your clients.

Company Culture & Morale

According to Forbes, more than half of all major business leaders rate culture as an ‘urgent’ issue that needs addressing in today’s modern workplace. There’s a retention crisis today, and in order to entice people to stay in their jobs, innovation of company culture is the best tool for the job.

What do companies like Google, Hubspot, Edward Jones and Facebook have in common? They all place culture and company morale at the forefront of the employee experience. They emphasize and openly acknowledge that happiness and life balance equate to happy workers, and that ultimately translates into positive bottom lines and success in the marketplace.

Upgrading to a more modern workplace environment geared at growing and retaining a positive company culture can include free food, colourful and bright office spaces – even beer on-site and fitness facilities for employees to use. This all contributes to making the workplace less about work, and more of an identifier that signals pride of ownership. A great space will have employees lining up to get in in the morning.

Attracting the Right Talent

The Millennial workforce outnumbers that of Gen X and now represents the largest demographic in the entire workforce in North America. They’re adaptable, efficient, able to learn quickly and come highly educated and tech savvy – you can’t afford to bypass any opportunity to snatch up a piece of this talent. A modern office is one such way to entice this young and modern workforce to make your company their professional home.

Somehow, many businesses and organizations lose sight of that and treat talented employees like every other John or Jane Doe that comes through the door. Crucial to attracting this crowd is to embrace all of the modern technological, sociological and cultural perks that you can. Talented workers are hugely motivated by the level of innovation and relevance of their workplaces because modern and contemporary ideas equates to work/life balance and overall job satisfaction. A modern workplace looks good to a modern workforce – a space that’s 20 years in the past isn’t going to appeal to a young and motivated employee.

Modern spaces inspire creativity and encourage innovation; similarly, millennial workers want to develop and put their stamp on something as quickly as possible – the two go hand in hand.

Time Is Money

Different designs and different layouts allow employees and businesses to thrive in their own unique ways. A modern office gives your employees the tools they need to accentuate a motivated and eager workflow, as well as boost an implied level of efficiency in your staff.

Think beyond the limitations of desks and cubicles – boost the level of productivity in your modern workplace environment by allowing employees to work in the ways they feel best amplify their skills. This could mean telecommuting, mobile offices, open collaborative space, office neighbourhood layout designs that utilize smaller, and more intimate meeting spaces with creative floor-plans that encourage unique partnerships.

Adopting a more open and collaborative space for your employees gives them the feeling that they hold value, and their happiness is important to the company. Telecommuting and remote positions offer flexibility that adds transparent value to company culture, and requires less infrastructure and resources from your office space.

A modern workspace can also lead to more efficient upgrades in the future. When your business invests for the future, you acknowledge the potential for constant change and foreseeing this change can help to offset the need for downtime and breaks in productivity when considering an upgrade in years to come. Good design is timeless, but modernity and efficiencies can always be improved.

Boost Value

It’s no secret that a modern workspace is going to be exponentially more valuable to your company – in more ways than one. First, it’ll be worth more from an investment standpoint; you’ll see the value of your property and your building go up when modern touches are added. Second, a modern workspace has the potential to boost the quality of ideas, projects and clients, thus making your business more profitable in the long run.

When businesses invest in a functional modern workplace, the added security of the physical office asset becomes a valuable bargaining chip.

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